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A group of people wearing climbing harnesses and blue helmets looking at a wooden sign in the woods.

"I am writing of utmost gratitude for what you make happen at the AOEC. I just experienced an amazing and moving weekend at the Sugarloaf Lodge led by Heather Zoccali from Brutally Beautiful for a Caregiver Retreat. This weekend most importantly allowed me to spend time and have space for myself. As much as I love my role as a caregiver, I am tired, challenged, and often confused. The past few days I have gained rest, confidence, and clarity. I would describe it as pure soul-hugging."

This November we are sharing AOEC Soul Hugging Moments. The smiles, the tears, the pure moments that hug your soul and make you feel something. The sense of connection around a fire, the determination to conquer the climbing wall, the bond between a horse and its rider, the value in genuine friendships, and the ability to be yourself and feel loved. 


These are the Soul Hugging Moments

the letters A and O from the AOEC logo enclosed in a black heart. Greet text below reads Soul Hugging Moments #AOECSOULHUG.

Share your Soul Hugging Moments

We'd love to hear the moments that hug your soul!
Please click here to print the #AOECsoulhug logo. Take a photo with the logo and share your Soul Hugging Moment with us. We've deemed every Saturday in November "Soul Hugging Saturday" and will share your submission via social media!

Please email your submission to Zach at

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